• Breaking News On Disruptive Products And Tools

    An exciting new session at the tinyML Summit will allow a small number of time slots to companies / experts / academia to share the very latest substantial and disruptive developments and upcoming products of significance in the field of tiny machine learning. Submit your Breaking News On Disruptive Products And Tools today!

  • tinyML Summit 2021 Breakout Sessions

    New for 2021, tinyML is developing a series of breakout sessions. Breakouts are focused on bringing focused topics directly to the audience that needs them. They will be practical and interactive discussions to foster better understanding of design and application issues, best practices, tools, and funding opportunities to accelerate the deploymen

  • tinyML Summit 2021 Sponsorship Opportunities

    Although it will be virtual, the tinyML Summit 2021 will continue the tradition of high-quality state-of-the-art presentations and we will focus more on the interactivity aspects which we know is important to sponsors. Find out more about sponsoring and supporting tinyML Foundation.

  • tinyML Awards 2021

    The tinyML Summit organizers are pleased to announce the creation of three awards to recognize the achievements of the industry and academia toward fulfilling the vision of ultra-low power machine learning devices at the very edge of the cloud.