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The tinyML Vision Challenge is currently open and accepting contest submissions until September 17th.

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Tiny machine learning is broadly defined as a fast growing field of machine learning technologies and applications including hardware, algorithms and software capable of performing on-device sensor data analytics at extremely low power, typically in the mW range and below, and hence enabling a variety of always-on use-cases and targeting battery operated devices.


tinyML Vision Challenge

Create inspiring new applications using tinyML on computer vision and win prizes and recognition! The tinyML Vision Challenge has over $10,000 in prizes and is accepting contest submissions until August 20th.

Industry News

    July 23, 2021

    Himax Sponsors tinyML Vision Challenge to Foster tinyML Vision Development

    Himax and tinyML Foundation share the same vision that tinyML technology can enable a new world with trillions of distributed intelligent devices that can accurately identify and classify what they see or sense in ultralow power and battery-powered features. To accelerate growth of the emerging tinyML field, the open knowledge exchange between developers and industries is of great importance. Hence, this tinyML Vision Challenge competition stimulates…

    July 22, 2021

    How TinyML is powering big ideas across critical industries

    From cars and TVs to lightbulbs and doorbells. So many of the objects in everyday life have ‘smart’ functionality because the manufacturers have built chips into them.

    But what if you could also run machine learning models in something as small as a golf ball dimple? That’s the reality that’s being enabled by TinyML…