Women in tinyML

November 07, 2022

Introducing Women in tinyML

Women in tinyML (WitML) is tinyML Working Group with a mission to increase women representation in the field of tinyML.

Under this Working Group the Leadership Committee will work on programs and other activities that will promote tinyML and women empowerment around the world with a focus on harnessing technology in sustainable, environment friendly and far-reaching areas/use cases.

Our community is represented by persons of all abilities – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, or sexual orientation.


Why create a WitML Working Group?

As machine learning becomes increasingly ubiquitous in everyday lives, gender bias, if uncorrected, can lead to social inequities. Researchers need to understand how gender and ethnicity operate within the context of their algorithm to enhance or, at least, not reinforce social inequalities

To deploy systems that are free of gender stereotypes, it is extremely important that women have equal partnership in shaping this highly useful and emerging technology that will impact our lives greatly in near future


Future plans

  • Start a Mentoring program
  • Start a Leadership program
  • SupportWomen entrepreneurs
  • Will work for cause (advocacy, support)
  • Hold a Women Conference for TinyML conference
  • Provide a job portal:
  1. For Employers – will create a platform to post information on open positions within the industry
  2. For job seekers – Platform for job seekers to identify themselves as part of certain talent pool (for example attach their linkedin profile to ML developer, ML manager, ML researcher etc talent pool)


Future Actions:

  • Create portal to join WitML community
  •  Work on Sponsorship program that our community can invest inStart  a mentee/mentor program
  • Create a “talent pool”emails through tinyMLwiMTabout open job positions)
  • Plan a WitML conference (to be added later)
  • Create opportunities for members to participate in WitML meeting.


If you are interested and would like to get involved, please contact Chhavi Jain (chhavi@tinyml.org) and Olga Goremichina (olga@tinyml.org).