tinyML Summit 2024 Awards

January 02, 2024

The submission deadline is March 8, 2024

Best Product of the Year

  • Best Tiny ML chip
    • MCUs
    • micro NPUs / AI accelerators
    • In Memory ML compute
  • Best Audio or Vision Application Product
    • Audio or Vision (2, 3D, 4D) centric
    • Defined as products/solutions embodiment using audio or visual spectrum input to analyze / perform a task (can be a hardware solution, computer vision, software solution, or combination of)
  • Best Sensor Application Product
    • As for previous bullet
    • Can be any non audio/visual sensor (IMU, radar, environmental,  biosensors, multi-modal sensors solutions, and any other time-series data

Category qualification criteria:

  • Announced in the previous 24 months and available in the market at the time of the summit (and not awarded in previous summits/forums). For software products, significant new features or updates to an existing product in the same timeline are permissible. (significant meaning is up to TPC judgment)
  • Demonstrated results on end application solution, evidenced by a joint PR / case study or similar shareable material (should be marked as public  at the time of submission)

Best Product of the Year nomination form

Best Prototype of the Year

 To be given to the most innovative prototyped concept in either advancing significantly the capability of tinyML devices or leveraging the tinyML approach to create a positive societal impact. This award can be given to a product, an invention, or a research result that may lead to potential breakthroughs even if commercial impact is still marginal or non-existing.

Category qualification criteria:

  • Have an academic paper, practical demonstration or relevant technical material able to be shared, marked as public as opposite to confidential or secret, at the time of submission. An upload feature is included on the form.
  • Able to share benchmarks/data points measured/reproducibility  in the lab or from a prototype to gauge the quality of innovation if requested by TPC.

Best Prototype of the Year nomination form

tinyML Sustainable Future Pioneer Award

This award will be presented to the solution – be it a product, application or system innovation – that tangibly demonstrates the biggest impact towards achieving a more sustainable future for the humanity with TinyML.

Category Qualification Criteria

A submission can be for a product, an application or a system innovation. It is essential that it rigorously quantifiedthe claimed impacts, demonstrating real-world measures of enhanced sustainability. Solutions at idea stage will not be considered for the award.

We strongly encourage submissions to include a case study or report that applies one of the following two frameworks:

  1. Life Cycle Assessment
  2. Circular Economy Principles
  3. Utilizing the TinyML Footprint Calculator (available here: harvard-edge/TinyML-Footprint (github.com)) is also recommended.

By applying TinyML, has an application or system innovation contributed to advancing sustainability goals:

  • in industrial processes, agriculture, supply chains and logistics, transport, etc.
  • by enabling (human) behavioral change with systemic consequences on sustainability e.g. sensors to help people use less water, save energy, etc.

Product perspective

Seeking TinyML products that have advanced sustainability by considering factors such as:

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing resource utilization
  • Waste utilization
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy integration
  • Carbon footprint
  • Improve quality of life of humans

The “tinyML Sustainable Future Pioneer Award” is about recognizing and celebrating the power of TinyML in driving a more sustainable future for everyone. We look forward to your submissions and the opportunity to celebrate your pioneering contributions.

tinyML Sustainable Future Pioneer Award nomination form

The winners will be announced at the tinyML Summit 2024.