Summit 2023 Awards

January 18, 2023

The submission deadline extended to March 15

Best Product of the Year

  • Best ML Processing chips
    • MCUs
    • micro NPUs / AI accelerators
  • Best Vision Product
    • Defined as products/solutions using visual spectrum input to analyze / perform a task (can be a hardware solution, computer vision software solution)
  • Best Sensor Product
    • Can be IMU, radar, biosensors, multi-modal sensors solutions, audio and other time-series data (non-vision tasks)

Category qualification criteria:

  • Announced in the previous 24 months and available in the market at the time of the summit. For software products, new features or updates to an existing product in same timeline are permissible.
  • Demonstrated results on end application solution, evidenced by a joint PR / case study or similar shareable material (should be in the public domain at the time of submission)

Best Product of the Year nomination form

Best Innovation of the Year

 To be given to the most innovative concept in either advancing the capability of tinyML devices or leveraging the tinyML approach to create a positive societal impact. This award can be given to a product, an invention, or a research result that may lead to potential breakthroughs.

Category qualification criteria:

  • Have an academic paper or relevant technical material able to be shared at the time of submission. An upload feature is included on the form.
  • Able to share benchmarks/data points measured in the lab or from a prototype to gauge the quality of innovation if requested.

Best Innovation of the Year nomination form

The winners will be announced at the tinyML Summit 2023.

Best Paper

To be given to the most outstanding research paper at the tinyML Research Symposium. No nomination is necessary for the best paper as all Symposium papers are automatically considered for the Best Paper award.