New datasets designed for resource constrained AI and ML applications

June 14, 2024


Thanks to the group effort of the Datasets and Benchmarking Working group, The tinyML Foundation is announcing the development of new datasets designed for resource constrained AI and ML applications, which will be freely available to use and contribute to by the community worldwide.

The purpose of this effort is to enable meaningful (realistic for true application needs) research in tinyML space by providing community curated/augmented datasets, training scripts, augmentation techniques. We believe that this will give a means for researchers and practitioners to share their ideas and be able to evaluate them against those of others in the community.

The first datasets to be made available will be Visual Wake Words, via GitHub shortly. This will be followed by other key datasets that the tinyML Foundation will curate and develop with our community.

Are you interested? Join the conversation on our discord channel #datasets or email us at