EMEA 2024 Call for Presentations and Posters

December 09, 2023

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The TinyML EMEA Innovation Forum 2024 invites submissions for presentations and posters that embody the theme of “Amplifying Impact – Unleashing the Potential of TinyML for Positive Change.” We are seeking contributions that focus on impactful technical advancements in the field of tinyML and articulate the broader impact of TinyML across different industries, disciplines, and societal challenges. We encourage submissions from both industry and academia.

The scope of interest of the tinyML EMEA Innovation Forum 2024 includes, but is not limited to:

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Impact Across Industries
    • Explore and articulate how TinyML is making a tangible impact across diverse industries.
    • Showcase the transformative effects of TinyML in real-world scenarios.
  2. Impactful Technical Advancements:
    • Delve into the latest technical advancements in TinyML with a strong emphasis on their impact.
    • Submissions are encouraged in the area of Hardware, algorithms, models, software, sensors, and deployment / MLOPS, highlighting practical aspects and demonstrating how these advancements contribute to increased impact.
  3. Positive Change: TinyML for Good:
    • Explore the positive impact of TinyML across themes such as the environment, ethics, security, safety, and reliability.
    • Highlight how TinyML can contribute to positive change, democratizing AI, and making it accessible to communities that need it most.
  4. Distributed Solutions: 
    • Discuss and showcase distributed TinyML solutions, low code, federated Learning, distributed learning.
    • Emphasize the scalability of TinyML models, inspiring innovative solutions that can be applied at various levels.
  5. Standardization and Benchmarks:
    • Discussion of standards and benchmarks, addressing the need for industry-wide guidelines.
    • Explore how standardization can drive broader adoption and scalability, ensuring that TinyML solutions can have a widespread and lasting impact.
    • Open challenges.


  1. Innovation Showcase:
    • Showcase latest innovations in TinyML technology: Demos, prototypes, PoC…
    • Demonstrations of cutting-edge TinyML projects that not only highlight technical prowess but also emphasize their impact on various themes.

Format: The abstract should be a 1-2 page PDF or Word document including the title, authors, affiliations, e-mail address of the contact author, as well as a schematic summary of the content of the presentation.

Submit your abstract here.

Contact information:
Rosina Haberl rosina@tinyml.org


Important dates:

  • Abstract due Jan 31, 2024
  • Author notification Feb 15, 20