EMEA 2022 Call for Presentations

June 01, 2022

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The tinyML EMEA Innovation Forum brings together key industry leaders, technical experts, and researchers, from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region, innovating with machine learning and artificial intelligence on ultra low-powered devices.

Tiny machine learning combines innovation across a deep technological stack ranging from dataset collection and ML application design, through innovative algorithms and system-level software, down to hardware and novel sensor technology. As a cross-layer technology, achieving good results in tinyML requires carefully tuning the interaction between the various layers, and designing systems with a vertically integrated approach. In the EMEA region many startups, established companies, universities and research labs are investing substantial time and effort towards developing novel advanced solutions for tinyML. The aim of the tinyML EMEA Innovation Forum is to connect these efforts, finding strength in unity, and cooperation to accelerate tinyML innovation across the region.

We solicit presentations from academia and industry in the EMEA region, highlighting synergistic innovation in tiny machine learning across the full stack, from datasets to algorithms and software, to hardware and sensors. The scope of interest of the tinyML EMEA Innovation Forum 2022 includes, but is not limited to:

  • Full-stack applications: real-world use cases (e.g., audio, biosignal, vision, monitoring, HMI, AR/VR, …), practical experiences from industry, full-stack tinyML benchmarks, etc. for tinyML
  • Datasets: new public datasets collected with tiny sensors; frameworks for data collection
  • Algorithms: novel model architectures, Neural Architecture Search for tinyML, online/federated tinyML learning, quantization, and pruning techniques, spiking neural networks
  • Systems: design and characterization of full tinyML-aware systems, secure tinyML systems
  • Tools: deployment frameworks, code generation, compilers, memory optimization/data tiling, and other tools
  • Hardware & sensors: platforms, SoC’s/MCUs, and accelerators, low-power memory, in-memory accelerators
  • On-device learning: applications, algorithms, tools, and specialized hardware for on-device learning

Format: tinyML EMEA Innovation Forum will feature a mixture of high technical quality invited presentations and a selection of presentations from this call. The abstract should be a 1-2 page PDF and a Word document including the title, authors, affiliations, e-mail address of the contact author, as well as a schematic summary of the content of the presentation.

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Contact information:
Rosina Haberl rosina@tinyml.org


  • Francesco Conti (University of Bologna, Italy) – Chair
  • Alessandro Grande (Edge Impulse, Italy) – Vice-Chair
  • Theo Theocharides (University of Cyprus, Cyprus) – Local Chair

Important dates:

  • Abstract due Aug 1, 2022
  • Author notification Aug 11, 202