Breaking News On Disruptive Products And Tools

February 12, 2021

New for tinyML Summit 2021!

Energy efficient embedded machine learning (tiny machine learning) is a fast-growing field of AI technologies and applications including algorithms, hardware, and software capable of performing on-device sensor analytics (vision, audio, IMU, biomedical, etc.). tinyML Summit is an annual conference, drawing attendance from global experts in the field from all the leading and upcoming industry/academia.

The tinyML Summit 2021 offers unrivaled visibility in the tinyML community, it not only represents the industry leading companies, but also represents a vibrant ecosystem of users / designers / researchers of ML. The aim of our community is to facilitate the exchange of ideas, to learn from each other and to help realize and accelerate significant opportunities of tiny machine learning / tiny artificial intelligence.

This year’s tinyML Summit, to be held on March 22-26, 2021, will include an interactive online LIVE experience. In addition to the content above, we are planning an exciting new session, titled “Breaking News On Disruptive Products and Tools”. This session allows a small number of time slots (timing TBD) to companies / experts / academia to share the very latest substantial and disruptive developments and upcoming products of significance in the field of tiny machine learning. This can be related to tools, hardware intellectual property, algorithms, products, applications, etc.

In addition to providing a platform for presenters to share their disruptive product/algorithm etc. with the audience. We would like to encourage the sharing of demo’s and open source to truly engage the tinyML Community.

Given the fast dynamics of this field, the goal here it to select truly the “latest and greatest” developments in tiny machine learning (preferably since November 2020) and offer companies and the academia an opportunity to present these “freshly baked” disruptive products and results to the global tinyML Community. Targeting this goal, only a very limited number of best “disruptive” news items will be accepted. To be considered for inclusion please fill out the form linked below.

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Deadline to submit: February 28, 2021