Asia 2023 Call for Presentations and Posters

July 02, 2023

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The tinyML Asia Technical Forum Committee is excited to invite contributions from tinyML experts hailing from industry, academia, start-ups, and government laboratories for the tinyML Asia Technical Forum 2023, scheduled to be held in person in the vibrant city of Seoul, Korea on November 16, 2023.

We are seeking innovative and cutting-edge abstracts in the field of tiny machine learning, with a particular emphasis on the following areas:


We are looking for contributions related to tinyML software tools and platforms that automate or enhance the development and deployment of models on tinyML hardware.

Topics of Interest but not limited to, Model versioning, continuous integration, continuous delivery, automated testing, and monitoring of tinyML models, efficient model deployment strategies.


Contributions in this category should focus on tinyML hardware techniques, silicon implementations, and design ideas that push the boundaries of what is possible in tinyML.

Topics of Interest but not limited to, Low-power silicon designs, energy-efficient architectures, specialized processors for tinyML, hardware-software co-design, and on-chip learning.

Algorithms & Software

We seek submissions on algorithms, tool stacks, compilers, and software that support the development of tinyML, as well as tinyML machine learning models and model development techniques.

Topics of Interest but not limited to, Quantization, pruning, network architecture search for tinyML, compiler optimizations, runtime systems, and software libraries for resource-constrained devices.

Solutions & Applications

We invite contributions showcasing products and applications of tinyML across a broad spectrum of domains.

Topics of Interest but not limited to, User interfacing, biomedical applications, industrial monitoring, (A)IoT, smart wearables, environmental monitoring, smart homes, and edge computing.

Format: The tinyML Asia Technical Forum will feature a mixture of invited luminaries in the field and a selection of presentations from this call. The abstract should be a 1-2 page PDF or a Word document including the title, authors, affiliations, and e-mail address of the contact author, as well as a schematic summary of the content of the presentation.

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Contact information:
Rosina Haberl

Important dates:

  • Abstract due August 7, 2023
  • Author notification August 28, 2023