tinyML Hackathon 2023: Pedestrian Detection

Cost effective and accurate solutions are needed to detect pedestrians during the day and especially at nighttime to implement safety measures. This year’s challenge is In partnership with the City of San José’s Vision Zero program. Vision Zero is the city’s initiative to significantly reduce traffic fatalities and injuries. People killed while walking are the biggest group of traffic fatalities and a significant number of fatalities occur at night. In fact, traffic fatalities have more than doubled since 2012 in San José.

Tiny ML is a new technology that allows Machine Learning (ML) models to run on low-power microcontrollers that do not require a network infrastructure. We believe that TinyML has a great role to play in building systems that improve our world for everyone.

For all the details and to join the contest check out here and link to the first event information talk here.

Devkit webinar with Sony here

Devkit webinar with Infineon here

Devkit webinar with Brainchip here and apply for Brainchip devkit here


May 19 - September 15, 2023