tinyML Vision Challenge – Winners

October 08, 2021

It was not easy for our judges to select from the over fifty final entries but here are the winners:

See all entries at hackster.io

1st Place
Project: TinyML Aerial Forest Fire Detection
Created by: Team Sol – Nathaniel Felleke, Toren Andersen, Erk Sampat

2nd Place
Project: WorkSafe: Computer Vision based multi-parameter monitor
Created by: Dishant ShahThe Blue Phoenix

3rd Place
Project: TinySewer – Low Power Sewer Faults Detection System
Created by: Truonghuy Mai alias Huy Mai

Based upon the really strong submissions, we are very happy to announce two Honorable Mention prize winners:

Project: Flat Tire Detection Using Machine Vision
Created by: Bob Hammell
Warn drivers about low tire pressure with an edge device that is trained to see if car tires are either full or flat.

Project: Smart Bird Feeder
Created by: Ariela, Anna, Audrey, Nathan, Tianlang, Haoming, Eric, Edward and Tera
Guided by: Chen Feng
A squirrel proof bird feeder runs a real time squirrel detection on solar powered Arduino tinyML kit. It is created by 9 kids aged 5-9.