tinyML Asia 2021 Call for Video Posters

September 21, 2021

The tinyML Asia Technical Forum Committee invites contributions from tinyML experts from industry, academia, start-ups and government labs for tinyML Asia Technical Forum 2021 to be held virtually November 2-5, 2021.

Specifically, we call for abstracts for Video Posters for Industry and Students (3-5 min talk) in the following areas:

  • Hardware: tinyML hardware techniques, silicon implementations and design ideas
  • Systems: tinyML integrated systems and efficient and cost-effective integration techniques
  • Algorithms & Software: Algorithms, tool stacks, compilers and software supporting the development of tinyML. tinyML machine learning models, and model development techniques.
  • Applications: Products and applications of tinyML in a broad range of domains, such as user interfacing, biomedical, industrial monitoring, (A)IoT, etc.

Submit your abstract now to rosina@tinyml.org