tinyAI Initiatives

May 15, 2021

tinyML Foundation is proud to the announce the launch of tinyAI Talks and other ultra-low power AI at the edge events and resources.

What is the difference between AI and Machine Learning?

Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) where the knowledge of the process(es) being monitored and analyzed based on techniques developed to design models and algorithms by learning from the data. It is a concept of a machine that takes data and learn from the data, in the ultimate case. Quite often, data learning component can be taken off the device to a more powerful processor or cloud for model training. The goal here is to learn from data on certain task to maximize the performance of machine on this task. A popular example of machine learning is convolutional neural networks (CNN) that allows the development of models with different convolutional layers and related weights to be able then to conduct inference tasks based on the incoming data with respect to the pre-trained model.

AI is broader than ML. It may include devices and systems where knowledge is derived from the data by using machine learning techniques. And AI may include models and knowledge derived by using other techniques, e.g. by other empirical experiments. An illustration of this could be a battery operated thermostat device that operates (i.e. sends a signal to the transducer) based on a temperature threshold number which was preset/programmed into the device which qualifies it as AI. Or the thermostat itself could learn how to optimally operate based on the learning from the data during operation, thus a ML device.

What is tinyML Foundation doing for AI?

tinyML Foundation has focused on activities to develop the ecosystem of ultra-low power machine learning at the edge  – from academic research to product development and applications. This has been done via branded events such as the tinyML Summit, tinyML Asia Technical Forum, and tinyML EMEA Technical Forum; educational materials and programs like tinyML Talks; and more including the tinyML Vision Challenge.

Similarly we have several ultra-low power AI at the edge educational events and information resources under development. We have tinyAI Talks underway and we foresee regional conferences such as tinyAI EMEA Technical Forums and possibly a tinyAI Summit in the near future.

If you would like to present at an upcoming tinyAI Talks or contribute to a tinyAI Technical Forum or tinyAI Summit please contact info@tinyML.org.

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