Summit 2022 Call for Posters

November 03, 2021

Poster Submissions are now closed

The tinyML Summit 2022 will be focused on applications, end-users, and the supply chain for ultra-low power machine learning (ML) at the edge. Unlike other existing big industry and academic events, tinyML focuses on ultra-low power ML solutions, covering the entire ecosystem and bringing industry and academia together.

The tinyML 2022 Technical Program Committee invites contributions from experts from industry, academia, start-ups, and government labs to submit abstracts for posters in the following areas:

  • Audio: This session will cover new ubiquitous audio ML applications, novel network architectures for extremely small energy and memory footprints, and unusual hardware-software pairings to drive power.
  • Hardware: ultra-low-power hardware IPs and silicon implementations. Digital, analog, and mixed-signal techniques ranging from circuit-level to chip-level to system-level.
  • Sensors: Low power, small form-factor sensors, new innovative sensors, sensor integration, printed sensors, and other sensor trends.
  • Software & Tools: Tool stacks, compilers, and runtimes combined with more optimized algorithms, neural networks, and model development techniques to enable the next generation tinyML
  • Vision: Applications of ultra-low power machine learning in a broad range of domains, such as user interfacing, biomedical, industrial monitoring, (A)IoT, etc

Submission Format
Word doc, 150 word minimum/250 word maximum abstract.
The poster abstract should clearly state:

  • Problem statement (a specific problem that their work focuses on)
  • Relevance to tinyML (as described in the Introduction above)
  • Their technical approach and its novelty
  • Results and their significance to the tinyML community

Submission Instructions

Please use this form to submit your abstract.

If your abstract is accepted you will be sent a template and instructions on how to format the poster.

Important Deadlines

January 14, 2022
Abstract and bio submission

February 4, 2022
Notification of acceptance by e-mail

February 18, 2022

Draft pdf or poster

March 11, 2022

Final pdf of poster

March 28-30, 2022
Date of tinyML Summit

Contact Bette Cooper for more information