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Enabling ultra-low Power Machine Learning at the Edge

About tinyML® Foundation

tinyML Foundation is a non-profit professional organization focused on supporting and nurturing the fast-growing branch of ultra-low power machine learning technologies and approaches dealing with machine intelligence at the very edge of the cloud. These integrated “tiny” machine learning applications require “full-stack” (hardware, system, software, and applications) solutions including machine learning architectures, techniques, tools, and approaches capable of performing on-device analytics. A variety of sensing modalities (vision, audio, motion, environmental, human health monitoring, etc.) are used with extreme energy efficiency, typically in the single milliwatt (and below) power range, to enable machine intelligence right at the boundary of the physical and digital worlds.

We see a new world with trillions of distributed intelligent devices enabled by energy efficient machine learning technologies that sense, analyze, and autonomously act together to create a healthier and more sustainable environment for all

To enable this vision, tinyML Foundation is:

  • Growing a diverse global community of hardware, software, and system scientists, engineers, designers, product management, and businesspeople. Engaging experts and newcomers alike in developing leading edge ultra-low power machine learning.
  • Promoting and stimulating open knowledge exchange between researchers and industry to accelerate the field ahead.
  • Inspiring the capabilities of ultra-low power machine learning and demonstrating the potential of machine intelligence and data analytics at the very edge of the physical and digital world.
  • Connecting technologies and innovations to enormous product and business opportunities creating value across the whole ecosystem and within industry verticals.

tinyML Talks

During this period when we are all working remotely and cannot attend live events, to keep the momentum going the tinyML Foundation is excited to be offering a new activity to our community: tinyML Talks webcast series. A strong line-up of speakers making 30-minute presentations will take place twice a month on Tuesdays at 8 am Pacific time to make sure that tinyML enthusiasts worldwide will have an opportunity to watch them live.  Presentations and videos will be available online the day afterwards for those that were not able to join live.

View Schedule of Upcoming Talks

If you want to re-watch all talks starting March 31 or were unable to join us live, the slides and links to our YouTube Channel of the talks are posted at our tinyML Forums. Many questions were asked during the presentations but not all could be answered in the allotted time frame. The answers to some of those can be found on the tinyML Forums as well.

If you have suggestions or ideas for topics of discussion or proposal for tinyML Talks, please contact the Talks team at talks@tinyML.org.

Sponsorship opportunities are available

With over 500 people who joined our first Talk, have seen the numbers grow rapidly. Please see our sponsorship opportunities – among many other benefits all sponsors will be recognized on our website and to thousands e-mail list multiple social media groups.

Please contact Bette Cooper at bette@tinyml.org or call 650-714-1570 if you have any questions or need more information.

tinyML Forums

We are pleased to introduce a new online discussion group, the tinyML Forums, a place to discuss tinyML events and activities along with general discussions of ultra-low power machine learning technology and applications. All are welcome – from newbies to experts in machine learning. This includes hardware architects, software engineers, systems engineers, ASIC designers, algorithms and application developers, low power sensor providers and end users. Further discussions on our tinyML Talks are continued there as well.

tinyML Events

We have several live events planned for the rest of 2020 and 2021:

  • A 2020 tinyML Asia event will be virtual in November (schedule to be announced)
  • The 2021 tinyML Summit will be held at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport on March 22-24 starting with tutorials and a technical workshop on the first day. A Call for Abstracts will be announced in July; further information to follow.
  • Sponsorship opportunities for the Summit are now available; attendee registration will open in the early fall timeframe.

  • The inaugural EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Asia) Technical Forum is planned to be held in summer 2021.

For further information or if you have any questions please contact: Bette Cooper at bette@tinyml.org or +1 650-714-1570.

tinyML Meetup Groups

Our first Meetup group was formed in the Bay Area in June 27, 2019. We now have twenty groups in twenty countries, with over 2,400 members. Visit our Global Meetup site for details.

2019 slides and videos are listed here. For 2020 presentations visit tinyML Talks.

December 2 Silicon Valley

November 20 Austin

October 28 Silicon Valley

September 26

There were two on September 26, one in the Silicon Valley, the other in Austin, TX. Links to the slides, and a video link for the Silicon Valley meeting.

Silicon Valley


July 25

Held at Qualcomm in Santa Clara and attended by over 100 people, we had two speakers – click on title for slides:

June 27

Our first meetup was held on June 27 at Qualcomm and was a great success. Over 130 people were in attendance. Below are the presentations and a video file:

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