tinyML Talks: tinyML Vision Challenge – Himax & Edge Impulse


June 30, 2021



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tinyML Vision Challenge – Himax & Edge Impulse

David SCHWARZ, User Success Engineer

Edge Impulse

The WE-I Plus EVB is the perfect solution for tinyML, computer vision and AI endpoint. It is a versatile board with a low-power monochrome camera, a microphone and an accelerometer. The built-in WE-I Plus ASIC (HX6537-A) combines a Synopsys ARC EM9D DSP running at 400 MHz and 2 MB internal SRAM and 2 MB Flash. This chip is fast – you can classify a single image at 96×96 pixels in just over 100 ms.

Together with Edge Impulse, the WE-I Plus EVB can now quickly collect real-world sensor data, train ML models on this data in the cloud, and then deploy the model back to this powerful Himax hardware.

Join us for a live session, by Edge Impulse’s user success engineer David Schwarz, to learn how to build enterprise-grade embedded machine learning models, using the WE-I Plus EVB.

Add sight to your sensors – build a system that can recognize objects through a camera (image classification)
Build a continuous motion recognition system – build a gesture recognition system
Recognize sounds from audio – recognize when a particular sound is happening (audio classification)
Respond to your voice – recognize audible events, particularly your voice (audio classification).

David SCHWARZ, User Success Engineer

Edge Impulse

David Schwarz is a User Success Engineer at Edge Impulse, helping customers build and deploy products powered by machine learning. He is a University of Texas graduate with previous experience in embedded systems design and applications engineering. He lives in Austin Texas and enjoys reading, swimming, and programming in his spare time.

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