tinyML Talks: Standardized AI Architectures for Secure TinyML

Recently, ML tasks that have been traditionally associated with high-performance CPUs and GPUs, have started to be performed also on highly constrained devices at the far edge. This shift towards the devices, often named TinyML, has many well recognized advantages such as lower bandwidth requirements and energy consumption, cheaper prices, increased privacy, and scalability. However, it also poses serious challenges: first of all, it requires to handle even complex ML tasks with Microcontollers (MCUs) equipped with small memories, low-performance processors, and limited power supply; moreover, TinyML has to face the additional security threats that can specifically affect small devices, that usually have to rely on less support from the hardware and the OS to implement security, and once deployed in the field, can be exposed to physical threats. The MPAI-AIF framework also IEEE P3301 standard produced by the MPAI community, and the IEEE P3301 Artificial Intelligence Framework Working Group described in the talk provides some answers and support to easy implementation of TinyML on MCU.


June 20, 2023



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Standardized AI Architectures for Secure TinyML

Andrea BASSO, Advisor

Progress Tech Transfer Fund

Andrea BASSO, Advisor

Progress Tech Transfer Fund

Andrea Basso, PhD (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, EPFL CH and Stanford Univ. USA)

Is currently serving as research director in Synesthesia Italy where oversees the research and development activities in AI and IoT areas. He is the chair of the AIF-DC in MPAI.

He is also advisor at the PROGRESS TECH TRANSFER investment fund. He serves also as CTO of MITO Technology (Italy), senior expert for the European Commission and for WIPO.  In previous positions served as  CEO of Sisvel Technology and CTO of the Sisvel group where  he oversaw evolution of Sisvel strategic technology areas  and worked on business strategy and new market development.

He has 182 granted patents mainly in the area of multimedia indexing and video coding.

While in Bell Labs and AT&T Labs –Research USA, as Research Manager has developed 22 years of research experience he led research on multimedia technologies and  he has developed innovative services and architectures for IPTV and Over The Top (OTT).

Andrea has been involved in the development of standards in several international bodies including IETF, ISO/MPEG, 3GPP, ITU-T and IMTC. He has published 60+ papers, several books and book chapters. He is a frequent speaker in international conferences and events.

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