tinyML Talks: Easy TinyML – Practical TinyML examples with Arduino (in Italian)


June 1, 2021



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Timezone: PDT

Easy TinyML – Practical TinyML examples with Arduino (in Italian)

Massimo BANZI, Co-founder


English: Join this Meetup to find out more about TinyML and the first TinyML Meetup in Italy. During this meetup you will also learn from Massimo Banzi, Arduino’s co-founder, how to use a low-code approach to build and deploy machine learning applications, to recognize keywords, gestures, or perform visual inspection on Arduino boards.

Italian: Partecipa a questo incontro per un introduzione a TinyML e al primo Meetup italiano su questo argomento. Durante questa sessione avrai anche l’opportunità di sentire direttamente da Massimo Banzi, co fondatore di Arduino, come poter utilizzare un approccio low-code per sviluppare applicazioni di machine learning atte a riconoscere gesti, keywords o effettuare ispezioni visive, il tutto su boards Arduino come target.

Massimo BANZI, Co-founder


Massimo Banzi is the co-founder of the Arduino project. He is an Interaction Designer, Educator and Open Source Hardware advocate. He has worked as a consultant for clients such as: Prada, Artemide, Persol, Whirlpool, V&A Museum and Adidas. Massimo started the first FabLab in Italy which led to the creation of Officine Arduino, a FabLab/Makerspace based in Torino. He spent 4 years at the Interaction Design Institue Ivrea as Associate Professor. Massimo has taught workshops and has been a guest speaker at institutions allover the world. Before joining IDII he was CTO for the Seat Ventures incubator. He spent many years working as a software architect, both in Milan and London, on projects for clients like Italia Online, Sapient, Labour Party, BT, MCI WorldCom, SmithKlineBeecham, Storagetek, BSkyB and boo.com.

Massimo is also the author of “Getting Started with Arduino” published by O’Reilly. He is a regular contributor to the Italian edition of Wired Magazine and Che Futuro, an online magazine about innovation. He currently teaches Interaction Design at SUPSI Lugano in the south of Switzerland and is a visiting professor at CIID in Copenhagen.

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