tinyML Talks: Building TinyML Applications Using Rune


May 25, 2021



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Timezone: PDT

Building TinyML Applications Using Rune

Kartik THAKORE, Founder


At TinyML Summit 2021, we discussed an approach to containerization TinyML applications. TinyML developers have an opportunity to disrupt critical functions in fields such as Healthcare, Field operations, and Telecom. In this talk we discuss open source tooling called Rune and Hammer and build a demo application.

Kartik THAKORE, Founder


Kartik Thakore is an entrepreneur, founder and an experienced AI & Engineering leader in technology with a focus on healthcare. Since 2019, he has served as a core contributor in producing new patentable technologies leveraging medical data using data engineering, data science & clinical modelling. Currently, Kartik is the Director of AI Engineering and Clinical Modeling at doc.ai (acquired by Sharecare). Prior to his role at Doc.ai, he served as Sr. Data Engineer at BetterDoctor (now Quest Analytics), HumanAPI and Head of Data Science at Newtopia.

He is passionate about developing and applying poly-omics data combinations to healthcare and life-sciences as well as developing AI to assist in medical data understanding. He has built products, technology, and teams focused on edge computing (mobile/MCUs/sensors) and privacy (computations/inferences/learning). Kartik is an open source contributor to several edge computing projects (notably as a founder of HOTG.ai).

Kartik is also involved in initiatives around decentralized clinical trials and serves as the Vice Chair of the IEEE DCT committee.
Kartik received his Masters in Biomedical Engineering (2014) and Bachelor of Engineering (2011) from Western University in Canada.

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