tinyML Meetups: tinyML Seattle Social

Hi there TinyML enthuseists!

We invite you all to this social gathering bringing together those actively building products or just mildly curious about machine learning applications on constrained end-point devices. We are looking to build on our last Seattle meetup by holding this one in Bellevue. We encourage everyone to bring ideas to the organizers for what you’d like to see from TinyML Meetup Seattle and the TinyML Foundation in the future.

We are also actively seeking presenters for future tech talks from the greater Seattle area. Anyone interested, please respond or use this event to ask questions. Presentations may be in-person or virtual using the TinyML platform. Virtual events offer an opportunity to reach a global community and the TinyML Foundation will assist you with scheduling and promotion. However, we are a humble organization without a budget to rent space or provide catering and other ammenities for in-person events. We either look for venues able to support an ad-hoc gathering (such as this one) or sponsors with the space and ability to host an in-person event. This is a great opportunity to connect with the local community and potentialy find collaborators for future projects.

Time: 5 – 6:30 pm PT
Date: 10/19/23, Thursday
Location: Lucky Strike Bellevue
700 Bellevue Way NE Ste 250 · Bellevue, WA
Event Type: In-person social

Please RSVP for the event to help us coordinate with the friendly staff at Lucky Strike.

We look forward to meeting you and learning more about how TinyML is making an impact in your life.

– TinyML Seattle Organizers
Bob Allen, Max Petrenko


October 19, 2023


In person event

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Timezone: PDT

tinyML Seattle Social

Bob ALLEN, Founder

Solve for Why, LLC

Max PETRENKO, Principal Scientist


Bob ALLEN, Founder

Solve for Why, LLC

Bob is the Founder of Solve for Why, LLC, a consultancy delivering professional services to global technology companies and enterprises. Bob leverages over 25 years in computing and semiconductors to assist those in need of external expert business insights to help guide corporate, go-to-market and product strategy. Prior to founding Solve for Why, Bob held numerous technical, sales, business and market development roles at Arm Holdings, the world’s most pervasive computing technology supplier. Bob holds a BS in Physics from the University of Redlands.

Max PETRENKO, Principal Scientist


Max Petrenko is a Principal Scientist at Amazon and is interested in enabling TinyML transformation across core industries. Prior to Amazon, Max led NLP teams working on on-device applications in search, conversational AI, multimodal AI and life sciences. Max’s other areas of interest include computational creativity and disruptive technologies. Max holds a Ph.D. degree in Computational Linguistics from Purdue University.

Schedule subject to change without notice.