tinyML Meetups: SoCal Meetup by Avik Santra from Infineon

We invite you to participate in the Fall ’23 tinyML SoCal meetup at 5PM on November 2nd at the Qualcomm campus.

Qualcomm Building N,
5775 Morehouse Dr, San Diego, CA 92121

On the agenda is an interesting presentation by Dr. Avik Santra, Principal Machine Learning Engineer at Infineon, on Deep Learning Advances in Radar-based Human Sensing followed by dinner/networking. We invite participants to bring demos to the event as show/tell or to collect feedback on.

Radar has evolved from a complex, high-end military technology into a relatively simple, low end solution penetrating industrial, automotive and consumer market segments. This rapid evolution has been driven by two main factors: advancements in silicon and packaging technology that has led to miniaturization, and growth of computing power that has enabled the use of deep learning algorithms to tap the full potential of radar signals. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hottest topic in all industry sectors and has led to disruptions across all fields, computer vision, natural language processing, speech processing, medical imaging, etc. However, the application of AI to radars is relatively new and unexplored. This talk presents cutting edge AI-based processing using advanced deep learning such as model-based deep learning, deep Bayesian learning, deep reinforcement learning and cross-modal learning that has enabled several short-range radar processing. The talk would outline how such advances are enabling several industrial, consumer and automotive applications.


November 2, 2023


In person event

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Timezone: PDT

Deep Learning Advances in Radar-based Human Sensing

Avik SANTRA, Principal Machine Learning Engineer

Infineon, Irvine

Avik SANTRA, Principal Machine Learning Engineer

Infineon, Irvine

Avik Santra received his M.S. (Hons) in signal processing from Indian Institute of Science and Ph.D in electrical, electronics, and informatics from FAU University of Erlangen, Germany. He is currently principal machine learning engineer responsible for developing system solutions for Wi-Fi, image and radar/depth sensors at Infineon, Irvine. Earlier in his career, he has worked as system engineer at Broadcom and research engineer at Airbus. He is associate editor at ‘IEEE Sensors Journal’ and ‘Elsevier Machine Learning with Applications’. He is co-author of two books on Deep Learning for mm-wave radars published at Artech and Wiley-IEEE. He is TPC at several conferences (ICMLA, RWW, Conasense), and has delivered 20+ invited talks at different venues. He has filed over 70 patents (38+ granted sofar) and published over 65 research papers. He is a senior member of IEEE.

Schedule subject to change without notice.