tinyML Meetup in Denmark: TinyML Data preparation, training and deployment

In this series of hands-on workshops, you will get an introduction to Machine Learning on microcontrollers, and what challenges you are typically facing when designing TinyML systems.

Workshop 1 of 4 Is an introduction to available hardware and software platforms, as well as an introduction to the ESP32 platform used in this and the following 3 workshops. Introduction to python tools used and notebooks for data analysis and visualization.

Registration, and a small attendence fee must be done via IDA’s event page is required, so hardware & sandwich can be ordered. IDA members 100,-DKK, non-members 300,-DKK

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Note, this is a physical event, you can join either in Copenhagen or Herning, select when signing up.


December 4, 2023


In person event

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Timezone: PST

Schedule subject to change without notice.